Years from now we’re going to look back at this era of mixed martial arts – the “Conor McGregor Era” – and one of the footnotes in the storied history will be how Frankie Edgar got screwed.

Yes, McGregor talked (and legitimately fought) his way ahead of the line to take on and dethrone then-champ Jose Aldo. And yes, McGregor is daring to be great by trying out other weight classes. But the collateral damage in all that glory is Edgar, the former lightweight champ who was supposed to rematch with Aldo instead. And now, when Edgar thinks he can finally get that crack at the belt that McGregor took from Aldo, what does the Irishman do? He goes up a weight class. And another.

“You can’t just hold this weight class up hostage like that for that long,” Edgar said Monday on The MMA Hour. “The rumors are he probably can’t make 145 again. I mean, the guy cut a boatload to be the biggest guy in there. And now, if you can’t make the weight, it’s not his problem. He’s too big. Just let it go, and maybe we’ll meet at 155 down the road. Who knows?”

It’s hard to say what sucks more about the whole Edgar situation: the fact that Edgar has more than earned another crack at the belt (no matter who holds it), or the fact that – in light of how much McGregor has elevated the sport and infused it with excitement – the UFC wasn’t wrong in letting Edgar get skipped over.