Former UFC heavyweight champ, Frank Mir may be known as a ground specialist, but does also carry knockout power with him in the cage. Agreeable it would be foolish of Mir to make his title fight against Junior dos Santos a striking war, the tactician plans to initiate with striking in order to open up JDS for the takedown. Once the fight is in Mir’s world, it is very possible we could see the title once again change hands.

Do you know anything about Junior’s ground game? Have you seen any footage of him doing jiu-jitsu?

“The only footage I saw was on YouTube from five years ago and it was his only loss. It was like a two-minute fight in Brazil where he got armbarred.”

Are you surprised nobody in the UFC has been able to get Junior to the ground and really test him there?

“It has (surprised me), especially the Shane Carwin fight. You can go back and look at some of my comments last year. I was very confident. Obviously Shane Carwin was not the boxer that dos Santos was, but I thought he’d be able to push him against the cage and get him down on the ground. And he was extremely unsuccessful and had a very hard time and got caught with a good right.”

Do you have to get dos Santos to the ground or can you stand up with him?

“I’m going to go ahead and strike with him, probably more than Carwin wanted to and some of these other guys and try to lull him into lowering his striking defense. If I get him into a rhythm where it’s a boxing match, it will be easier to shoot or take him down. If you are shotting right of fthe bat and are grabbing a leg and that person’s waiting for it, it’s like any combat tactic. It’s very easy to stop what you are expecting.”

Source: OCRegister