Frank Mir may have lost his shot at the title at UFC 146, but that does not mean he didn’t give it his all. As with the upcoming bout between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, where Sonnen is granted use of testosterone replacement therapy or TRT through a therapeutic use exemption, so too was Frank Mir before his fight with Junior Dos Santos. While the use of testosterone for fighters has been highly debated, Mir still came in within the legal limits for someone on or off treatment.

There have been many fighters for and against the treatment. Notables like Kenny Florian and Tito Ortiz have came out against the use of the therapy. While fighters like Dan Henderson, the aforementioned Sonnen, Rampage Jackson, and now Frank Mir would seem for the use. As long as a doctor sees that an athlete needs it, they should be able to attain a prescription, but still must test within the legal 6 to 1 ratio. Unlike Alistair Overeem who tested at 14 to 1.

There is also a fine line between using and abusing the treatment, and to whether fighters are cycling off higher dosages before the fight. This issue it seems will not be going away soon, and with so many top fighters signing up for the treatment, it’s sure to be a topic for the foreseeable future.