Do we really want to see Frank Mir go through the old legends now?

This Saturday, September 25th, we will see Frank Mir take on Mirko CroCop as a main event. I personally will not be ordering this PPV as I feel this is a “who cares” type of event.

Frank Mir, with all due respect, has been a great fighter over the years. I was one of the loudest guys when he made Brock tap in their first meeting. But watching the utter breakdown of sportsmanship from Mir before matches with his “daddy love me” and “wifey don’t leave me” bravado is laughable. It just goes to show you that while I consider Frank to be an intelligent person and I think he’s an okay commentator too, it seems this emotional need to make himself think he’s going to murder someone is somewhat played out. He has embarrassed himself before by talking so much smack but then getting it handed to him in the ring that I would say he should never talk derogatory about an opponent again.

Now, because Brock owns that division we get the insult of watching Mir fight yesterdays legends (Cro Cop) to get back on the title path.

It’s not interesting and at it’s best it is an under-card fight at this point. But I guess Joe Silva can’t get it right everytime.

Hey, that’s just me talking…