The UFC has signed four more fighters to their female bantamweight division. That brings their total to ten, and Dana White has promised to have the division up to 15 sooner rather than later. Here is a breakdown of the four newest fighters, all of whom have fought for Strikeforce or were under contract with that organization.


Germaine de Randamie (3-2-0)

De Randamie is only 3-2, but her last fight was a win in Strikeforce over Hiroko Yamanaka, who was 12-1 at the time. She is a tough-as-nails kickboxer who was undefeated through 37 fights in her kickboxing career. Vanessa Porto and Julia Budd are her only losses, and she could factor into the division well if she learns the ground game. Plus, coming down from 145, at 5’11”, and with an over 72-inch reach, she will have a big size advantage over some of the other fighters at 135.


Julie Kedzie (16-11-0)

Despite a mediocre record, losing her last two fights, and never having a win under the Strikeforce banner, Kedzie was still signed to the UFC. The reason is that she is an ultra-tough fighter who can make an amazing match with anyone. She will be a great gatekeeper for the organization, and a litmus test as to who belongs and who needs more experience before coming to the Octagon.

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Sarah Kaufman (15-2-0)

It is unknown if Kaufman will be pulled from her bout at Invicta 5, but nonetheless she is coming to the UFC. That should have always been the case, because she is a former Strikeforce champion and a great fighter. It may take quite a few fights for her to get a rematch with Rousey, but if anyone can get past Kaufman, they may earn a shot at the title.


Amanda Nunes (7-3-0)

Nunes was only 1-1 in Strikeforce, and even lost her last fight in Invicta FC. At 24-years old, she has a lot of time to make herself into a great fighter in the division, and she is an absolute killer with six knockouts in her seven career wins. Plus, with how big the Brazilian market is, it will be nice for them to have a female fighter to get behind.

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