Fans and pundits who have followed the career of Rousimar Palhares weren’t too shocked by what went down Wednesday night at UFC Fight Night 29, as not only was the fighter suspended for similar actions in 2010, but the feared submission artist has done it in jiu-jitsu competitions as well.

Now the fighter’s former coach at Brazilian Top Team, former UFC champ Murlio Bustamante, is claiming that Palhares was a persistent problem during his time with the renowned team. In a report from Fighters Only Magazine, Bustamante said normally he doesn’t discuss what happens within BTT, but because Palhares has apparently been smack talking the team, he isn’t holding back. Here is some of what the 47 year-old trainer alleged in the story.

“I can say this – nobody ever defended him as much as I did every time he made a mistake like this.

In the beginning I thought it was because he was naive or had too much nervous energy during the fights.

“But then he caused a lot of incidents inside my academy during his camps and I changed my mind.

“I got tired of seeing how he hurts people so often when he is sparring, especially when he has a fight coming up. We used to argue every time it happened, so we argued a lot.”

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Bustamante also claims that he hired a psychologist to talk to Palhares, but that it “didn’t work.”

The fighter’s current manager, Alex Davis, has acknowledged that Palhares “used to hurt people in training” but that “he’s become very controlled now.” Palhares himself has said that he never meant to hurt Pierce and that “I would never be evil to any athlete”. Hopefully getting banned by the UFC will bring an end to the incidents, whether they’re intentional or not.

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