He’s been out of the cage since 2011, but Matt Hughes made such a mark on the sport as its first dominant welterweight champ that it’s hard to forget him. And now there’s news that he’s been injured in a crash with a train.

ESPN has the details:

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes has been airlifted to a medical facility after the truck he was in collided with a moving train Friday, UFC president Dana White told ESPN.

White said he’s been in contact with Hughes’ family, and that they are currently en route to the medical facility where the 43-year-old was taken.

“Apparently he has head trauma,” White said. “His family is traveling to him now.”

White did not know exactly where the accident took place. He said Hughes, who lives in Illinois, was apparently helping a friend with fieldwork when the accident occurred.

The UFC president says he was scheduled to fly to Paris for a public appearance, but White will likely cancel the trip due to this development.