Things were looking up for Michael McDonald back in 2012. The dude with heavy hands had just knocked out former WEC champ Miguel Torres (before everyone started doing it), and it seemed as if the clean-cut scrapper was destined for great things.

But fate had other ideas, and losses to Renan Barao and Urijah Faber, plus some nagging injuries to his hand and shoulder, put McDonald on ice for a long while. He might be coming back soon. However, he’s got some complaining to do first.

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“I think everyone has expectations of being a professional athlete, and it’s just not exactly what you expect,” McDonald told “It wasn’t very fun after a while. I didn’t feel any passion for fighting or the people around me.”

“I’d say things started to get complicated after the Miguel Torres fight,” McDonald said. “Money was something I’ve never wanted to focus on, but when I look around and see people who I’m beating making a lot more than me, I started to feel angry and resentful.

“I knocked out Torres and I barely made any money. That’s when that frustration started and it just makes you not enjoy your job. You feel underappreciated and cheated. You don’t want to go out and fight the best fighters in the world, then go home and wonder if you can pay your bills. You start to say, ‘Something’s not right now. I’m angry.'”

“It’s a problem I made by not getting paid well and fighting the best in the world. It’s a difficult situation but I think we’re going to get through it. There’s no way I’m going to fight top guys for the pay I’m getting, especially when they’re getting so much more than me.

“I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as, ‘Oh, I’m not fighting this guy.’ I’m not looking for easy fights. One thing I see now is that if you’re talking to a businessman and you ask for something reasonable, usually they’ll be like, ‘OK, let’s work something out.’ If the UFC wants me to fight these great guys like Faber, it’s not like I’m looking to play hardball. But yeah, I wouldn’t want to fight him with the pay I’m getting now. So, maybe it turns into a contract renegotiation. Maybe it’s, ‘Let’s hold off and not take this fight right now.’ Maybe it’s, ‘Well, can we get a little more guaranteed money for this fight but keep the same contract?” I don’t know what it’s exactly going to be, but I have to be taken care of.”

Contracts are a funny thing. You sign them thinking that they’re good, but then years later you maybe realize that those circumstance surrounding the signing of the contract aren’t the same anymore – yet you’re still bound by what you signed! Argh! The law, it sucks!