And the list of fighters who have tested positive for banned substances grows.

Hot on the heels of his mysterious removal of the UFC 186 fight card, where he was supposed to do the dance with Rory MacDonald, comes the news that Hector Lombard failed his post-UFC 182 drug test. As per MMAFighting:

The 37-year-old Lombard tested positive for the anabolic steroid desoxymethyltestosterone, according to the report. Online resource Wikipedia calls the performance-enhancing drug, which is also known as “DMT,” “one of the first designer steroids to be marketed as a PED to athletes and bodybuilders.”

Lombard is a former Bellator middleweight champ, and as of late was making a run at welterweight. He took out Josh Burkman at UFC 182 via unanimous decision.

So let’s count how many fighters have been derailed by failing drug tests as of late, shall we?

  • Anderson Silva, who may have passed his January 19 out-of-competition test, but pissed hot on January 9.
  • Nick Diaz, but really, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Marijuana is in his DNA, after all.
  • Jon Fitch, who fights in the World Series of Fighting now, and getting suspended while under contract with them is like a tree falling in the woods when no one is around to hear it (i.e., did it really happen?).
  • Cung Le, probably.
  • Wanderlei Silva, who ran from the athletic commission’s official urine tester like he was a Dementor from the Harry Potter books.
  • Chael Sonnen, who apparently did all the drugs.

At this rate, the sport will be completely clean in no time.