Image Credit: USA TODAY Sports

The demand for the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor pay-per-view was so great, they literally had to delay the fight so the system could catch up. That should tell you about how big the hype was for last night’s boxing main event, which pitted superstar boxer Mayweather against superstar MMA fighter McGregor in a bout that amazingly went nearly ten rounds.

I say “amazingly” because, really, who thought a man with zero boxing matches to his name could last that long against arguably the greatest boxer in the world?

And really, who thought McGregor would actually win some rounds? Not me. But that’s what McGregor did, battering a shelled-up Mayweather for the first three rounds, and pecking away with his jab and cross for two more competitive frames.

Ultimately, McGregor was gassed after that, and Mayweather opened up and began ripping his body and, later, his head. By the tenth round, McGregor had nothing left in the tank, and after a sequence that saw the Irishman covered up against the ropes doing nothing but absorbing damage, the referee stepped in.

According to my Twitter feed, this was the best Mayweather fight in many years. Who knew it would take an Irish MMA fighter to bring it out of him?