If you’ve been going around telling people you’re betting the farm on Chan Sung Jung to take out Jose Aldo this Saturday at UFC 163, then you’ve likely been told that may not be the best idea you’ve ever had. Of course, “The Korean Zombie” is a ridiculously talented and entertaining fighter, but there’s a reason he’s a +475 to +550 underdog with many of the oddsmakers. In other words, Aldo hasn’t won 15 straight fights and defeated many of the planet’s best 145’ers in the process by accident.

So, how do UFC commentators Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen see the fight going down Saturday? While speaking on the latest edition of “UFC Tonight”, here is some of what the accomplished fighters had to say about the bout.

“The Korean Zombie has a reach advantage,” said Sonnen. “He doesn’t mind going into enemy territory. If there’s anything we learned over the last weekend from your boy Rory MacDonald, with that reach, if you can control distance, you can get the upset.”

“With Aldo, it’s all about the leg kicks,” said Florian, who experienced Aldo’s leg kicks personally in October, 2011. “He’ll kick you extremely hard. He also has a 92-percent takedown defense, the best in the featherweight division. And he’s become a great counterstriker. He has eight knockouts, the most in featherweight history.”

And are either man picking another stunning upset to rock the MMA world in Rio de Janeiro?

“Aldo is too explosive and powerful”, said Florian.

“I think the experience is going to be an edge, and since Aldo is fighting in his home country, he’s going to have a big advantage,” Sonnen predicted.

No surprises there. The good news is that it should be an outstanding bout, regardless of who wins. Stay tuned to Caged Insider.com for all your UFC news and coverage.