The great thing about the main event of UFC 171 on Saturday night is that, as main events go, we’re almost 100% sure to see someone get absolutely knocked senseless. Will it be Robbie Lawler, the longtime UFC veteran who’s punched out the lights of Matt Lindland, Frank Trigg, Melvin Manhoef and many others? Or will it be Johny Hendricks, who many think should have taken the decision over Georges St. Pierre in his last fight, and who has a penchant for sending opponents into Dreamland?

In case you need a refresher course on what Hendricks is capable of, here’s a look at one of the more impressive feathers in his cap:

You know, in a way, it doesn’t really matter who wears the belt by the end of the night. What matters is that we enjoy the ride. And Lawler and Hendricks are going to give us one hell of a ride.