On this week’s installment of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen, the guys were taken to Hooters, Gilbert Smith took his clothes off again, Uriah Hall moaned a bit more and we had the build-up to the fight between Team Jones’s first pick Clint Hester and Team Sonnen’s cop-turned-MMA fighter Jimmy Quinlan. Here’s five things we learned…



As a non-US citizen, one of the more disappointing aspects of my life is the absence of any Hooters that doesn’t involved hopping aboard an aircraft. This however is not a problem for the guys in the TUF House, as they were more than happy to escape the testosterone-filled confines of their Las Vegas abode. Well, apart from Hall who refused to get into the spirit of things as usual. At least Smith had another excuse to remove his clothes, doing his best Hulk Hogan impression. No doubt several of the Hooters Girls applied for restraining orders that night.


#2 Chael Sonnen – Team Talk Extraordinaire

This is becoming old hat now but Chael Sonnen must be one of the best motivational speakers and team talkers in the history of The Ultimate Fighter. His speeches may sound like he’s reading from some notes on his palm, but they’re nonetheless always very cool. This week he broke the news to his team that Jimmy Quinlan may actually get punched in his fight! Say it ain’t so: “Do you have a problem being hit in the middle of a fistfight? Do you have a problem being hurt in the middle of a fistfight?”. Good point, coach.


#3 Jones Teaches Hester his Infamous ‘Knee Kick’

Quinton Jackson, were you watching? In the usual training clips leading into this episode’s fight, Coach Jones elected to teach Hester his controversial and very dangerous push-kick to the knee. “Rampage” has been very outspoken on the dangers of this maneuver on more than one occasion, saying the only purpose of it is to damage your opponent’s knee in the long-term, and that it shouldn’t be allowed. What do you think? Is Jones operating on the very edge of the sport’s rules? Do you even care?


#4 Clint and Jimmy BFFs forever

It’s hard to remember the last time two men have been more friendly and amicable going into a cage fight with one another than Quinlan and Hester. Well, maybe when Rich Franklin took on Forrest Griffin. Quinlan and Hester made jokes, discussed their pasts and traded praise for one another in the days leading up to their fight, and it was more than welcome to see. Even during the weight-ins neither man could keep a straight face.


#5 And so onto the fight itself…

As I mentioned earlier, Hester and Quinlan were more than friendly going into their bout, with Quinlan displaying his obvious affection by constantly hugging his opponent and slamming him to the mat. Hester was not so forthcoming as he landed some damaging knees in the clinch and elbows to the side of Quinlan’s head. With the round over it was a pick’em, with Quinlan “controlling” the fight with takedowns and ground position but Hester clearly doing more damage. In the second round, Hester completely ignored Coach Jones’s instructions and made a woeful takedown attempt, eventually ending up on the ground, with Quinlan getting the full mount all too easily before taking his back and sinking in the rear naked choke for the win. Team Jones’s first pick out and a huge win for Team Sonnen.


The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen episode four airs next Tuesday at 9pm on FX (as well as 2am Wednesday morning on ESPN UK for those in the UK and Ireland) as Team Sonnen’s Zack Cummings takes on Team Jones’ Dylan Andrews.