As the holiday season approaches the UFC seem to be trimming the fat. The organization has already dropped five fighters from the UFC in the last day or so. While none of them are as big as “The Spaniard
Charlie Brenneman, who was released yesterday – the other cuts are still substantial to the opposing organizations that love to have a UFC “veteran” among their ranks.

The second biggest cut was most likely Michihiro Omigawa. Going 1-4 in his recent run in the UFC, and counting his first run in the organization he is a horrible 1-6. Recent losses to Yuri Alcantra and Manny Gamburyan were the final nail in the coffin. I am sure One FC will look to pick him up shortly. They may also be interested in another recent UFC departure. Eiji Mitsuoka is being released after being finished in both of his recent bouts. He came in as a late replacement, but at 36 years old there is not much upside to keeping him around for a third bout.

Walel Watson was looking to make waves in his UFC debut when he finished his opponent by TKO. The problem was three straight losses knocked him out of the UFC octagon. He will most likely look to rebuild on the local fight scene before making another attempt at the big time. With a couple wins perhaps Bellator will give him a shot.

If you hear the name Tommy Hayden and do not know who it is, don’t worry – not very many people do. Just figure it is a fighter who needs to learn how to defend a guillotine choke. After starting his career at 8-0 finishing all of his opponents he failed in his first bid to enter the UFC. he was choked out twice never making it to the second round. Maybe he was just a little too green for the big show. Here is hoping to all these fighters to reversing their fortunes outside the UFC.