Firas Zahabi is confident his old charge Georges St-Pierre, the longest reigning UFC Welterweight Champion in history, will be back in MMA action eventually.

Zahabi, the coach at TriStar Gym in Montreal, told Carlin Bardsley of In The Cage on a recent trip to Toronto that St-Pierre simply has competition in his blood.

“I know the guy well,” Zahibi said. “I think he cannot not compete.”

“He’s a competitor,” Zahabi continues. “He’s not a regular every day guy. It’s too slow of a lifestyle for him. I think he got burnt out… Everybody can get sick of something if you do too much of it… He (also) had to get healthy. I told him “you’re not 23, you’re 33” — it’s different. The body takes longer now… So the guy needs a break to slow things down. I think personally when he slows things down, I think that gives him more motivation to get back in.”

Zahabi also described preparations for his other star pupil, Rory MacDonald, for his upcoming bout against Yoel Romero at UFC 186 in April. According to Zahabi, the example St-Pierre set is important for MacDonald, who will likely receive his long-awaited welterweight title shot with a victory.

“That’s something we all learned from GSP,” Zahabi said. “When he was champion, he was always focused on the fighting. He was always very good with not doing too much PR, not vacationing too long, not getting out of shape… I see the same focus in Rory. They’ve derailed his title shot twice. I understand it’s what the fans want and they’re trying to putting the fights together that the fans want to see. He’s stayed focused and for me that’s a really good sign that he’s going to be champion.”