Over a year ago, Jason “Mayhem” Miller decided to put fighting behind him, lamenting his loss against C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146 and getting cut from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, this wasn’t the last we heard about Mayhem, as he has been in the news earning the right to his nickname. Last August, Miller was arrested in Mission Viejo, California, on burglary charges. He allegedly broke into a church, sprayed a fire extinguisher, damaged property, and was found naked on a couch by police. Strangely enough, he was not intoxicated. California’s Orange County Superior Court decided to drop the burglary charges. Miller’s response:

“God is good.” How appropriate.

Mayhem also made headlines with his comments towards Dana White in regards to fair fighter treatment and the previous state of MMA legality in New York. Most of the blame has fallen on politicians, but Miller chose a different scapegoat: Dana White. He believes that White’s ego won’t let him bow his head to the unions in NYC, which is hurting fighters in the long run. That was the last we heard from Mayhem until this week, where he told My FOX LA that he had to deal with some health issues before he could seriously consider returning to the ring.

“I’ve got some mileage on me…but yeah, have I thought about fighting? All the time, but I’m going through this hassle and that hassle with getting knee surgery. I have to have two knee surgeries. So I’m going to rebuild him, make him stronger, faster, and then we’ll talk about it.”

He also expressed some discontent with the UFC, and said that if he did get back in the game, it would be on his terms.

“The UFC’s not a real sport until there’s a union. How quick did Kobe Bryant get his [Achilles] repaired? We have no protection. We’re at the will of one bald-headed Uncle Fester.”

A lot of people wonder whether Mayhem is legitimately crazy or if it is just an act. Well, crazy people are generally idealists, and its hard to be more idealistic than a fighter who refuses to work with the UFC based on principle. Aside from that, being found alone and naked in a church doesn’t really make people feel comfortable about Mayhem not having a strait jacket. He’s whacky for sure, but at least he’s fighting for mixed martial artists. No dates have been set on when Mayhem is planning to get surgery, but when he does, his next fight may not be a physical one, but rather a battle to better the state and protection of his fellow fighters.