Following the official announcements that Wanderlei Silva would be replaced by Chris “The Crippler” Leben in the fight again Yoshiro Akiyama at UFC 116 July 3rd, Akiyama told that he is ‘not pleased with the last minute change and may be looking to drop out as well.’

“I am not pleased with the change, said Akiyama. There are just ten days left until the contest for me to determine [Leben’s] threats and the time is insufficient to establish a tailored gameplan. Leben is also not as high-profile as [Wanderlei] Silva and that does not help me. If there is to be a replacement I was hoping for a big name. I spent one year preparing hard for this fight and this news has come as a big disappointment, my motivation has waned. I do not know yet what will happen … In the worst case, I will not take part in the [UFC 116] event. We are working hard to resolve this issue.”

It may not be an easy task for Akiyama to pull out of the fight last minute on the UFC, but if Akiyama did, would you blame him?