If you caught WSOF 6 last weekend, then you know that bantamweight Marlon Moraes continued to demonstrate why he’s one of the promotion’s fastest rising stars, by blasting through Carson Beebe in just 32 seconds. The win was the 25 year-old’s fourth straight with the promotion ,and second KO victory under the WSOF banner.

So, considering what Moraes has done since arriving in the WSOF, it’s not surprising to hear that he’s been promised a title shot. The noted striker recently told MMA Junkie.com Radio:

“[WSOF President] Ray Sefo promised me my next fight for the title, so for me, I’m just waiting,” said Moraes, who is on a six fight win streak . “Let’s see who they’re going to get for me.”

While his win over Beebe drew rave reviews, due to the footwork and strikings skills Moraes showcased, the bantamweight also revealed he was injured for the bout.

“I started the training camp, and I had both [feet injured],” he said. “I had my hand hurt, and I went through. I started doing only punches, and then I started the punches with wrestling, then I trained the last three weeks and started to do a couple kicks, but the Saturday before the fight, I was still feeling my foot a little bit.”

“I love to fight, and I can’t say no to a fight,” Moraes added. “I knew that it would feel much better in the fight, and that’s what happened. I was feeling great in the fight, but through the camp, I was a little hurt.”

It will be interesting to see who the WSOF matches Moraes up against next, and if he can take the belt. From a marketing perspective, Moraes certainly appears to have the abilities that could help drive ticket sales and TV ratings for the WSOF.

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