There are several intriguing fights scheduled for World Series of Fighting’s latest event this Saturday, which will see Josh Burkman fight Steve Carl for the promotion’s inaugural welterweight title in the main event. One fight that pops out is the lightweight scrap between Justin Gaethje and Dan Lauzon, as both men are known for finishing fights.

Due to the fact Gaethje has gone 9-0 to date in his MMA career, and has recorded two stoppage wins now with WSOF, the 24 year-old is already in the promotion’s title picture. Recently Gaethje spoke with RM Sports’ MMA, and when asked if he’s had difficulties focusing on Lauzon because of what might be next, he stated:

“You know people keep asking me about the next step but I am focused on Dan right now. He is a really aggressive fighter like I am and he never stops coming forward, like me, so I am looking forward to an exciting fight. He won’t step backwards and I won’t either, so I think we will meet in the middle and throwdown. That’s what I am hoping for anyways.”

Gaethje hasn’t fought since WSOF 3 in June, when he punished Brian Cobb’s legs relentlessly with kicks en route to a third round stoppage. When asked if he was specifically looking to take Cobb out with the technique, Gaethje relayed:

“No, I have worked on legkicks and I picked them up off the bat. Fortunately it was something I was good at too. Trevor worked on helping me learn to set up my angles and timing rather than just kicking as hard as I can and checking kicks. Now I use my angles better and I get myself into positions where they cannot check the kicks. It’s just something we have been working on.”

WSOF 6 will be hosted by the Bank United Center in Coral Gables, Florida, and will be broadcast throughout the U.S. on the NBC Sports Network.

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