So, if you missed it, World Series of Fighting 5 had something go down which you don’t typically see at a big event, a fighter was cut from the card due to the suspicion he may have taken a prescription drug…As in, prevented from fighting shortly before he was about to scrap.

Elvis Mutapcic was not allowed to compete, because an athletic commission representative reportedly believes he may have taken something that wasn’t cleared by the organization. Mutapcic, who is regarded by many to be one of the sport’s emerging middleweights, was set to fight Jesse Taylor in the WSOF’s tournament semifinals. So, not having the fight go down last night was a pretty huge setback for the promotion, as well as the fighters.

In response to the incident, the WSOF sent out a press release featuring comments from Mutapcic, the New Jersey commission and WSOF CEO Ray Sefo. Here’s what they had to say about truly bizarre events.

Elvis Mutapcic:

“I really don’t know what happened, what she saw. She might have been taking some medication, herself. I put in a good 10-week training camp. I worked my ass off. I know Taylor’s ready. I’m not sure if she misstated me for my manager, who has a heart prescription. He was the one that had it. We’re all dressed the same – same T-shirt, same hat. I mean, there’s four of us, and she’s pointing me out, that I took it. I say I’ll take a blood test. I’ll give a hair sample if they need it. I’ve got nothing in my system. I’m completely clean.”


“There were some prescriptions that weren’t given to our doctors during the physicals and that weren’t approved by us, the commission. So since we don’t know what they are and what they do, we cancelled the fight.

“We can’t take that chance to have that fight go off, so those things need to be looked at, and they need to be talked about. We just feel that we’re not going to have a fight in New Jersey when we don’t know what someone is taking.”

Ray Sefo:

“It is sad to see this happen. I’ve been in martial arts for 25 years and have never seen anything like this. Elvis has been training for this fight for 10 weeks. But the commission has made its decision and we have to live with it. Because this was an issue with the fighters manager, both fighters will receive their show money.”

In a follow up story from MMA Junkie, Mutapcic relayed that he did in fact get a blood test after the incident, as a means to prove he didn’t take anything. According to the report, the test was negative for any “typically banned” substance.  The 27 year-old also conceded that he and his camp should have told his manager (who was supposed to be one of his cornermen) that he could not have his prescription medication in the vicinity.

At any rate, here’s hoping this mess gets cleared up soon and Mutapcic and Taylor can fight at the next WSOF event.

WSOF 5 was hosted by the Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey,.