Although kickboxing star Tyrone Spong moved to 2-0 in MMA last night at WSOF 4, it seems like much of the post-fight buzz is focused on Nick Newell, and for good reason. After taking a hard shot from Keon Caldwell early on, Newell quickly rebounded and eventually took out the lightweight with a nicely executed choke. With the win, Newell’s record now stands at 10-0 and the 27 year-old has reportedly landed a spot in WSOF’s upcoming, lightweight tourney. Good stuff.

Despite the memorable win, which was broadcast across the U.S. via the NBC Sports Network, Newell remained pretty level headed. Speaking after the bout, here’s what the fighter had to say about his performance (comments via MMA

“I saw a lot of things I really need to work on,” Newell said. “Not everything out there went the way I wanted it to. I’m probably going to take a week off, then I’m going to get cracking right away.”

“I think I showed people that my striking game was legit. And I’m a lot faster than people give me credit for. I fought a very good guy, he was 9-1, he had a great record. You know, I’m happy now, I’m ready to celebrate with my family and my team.”

The bout was definitely one of the card’s highlights, and it will be interesting to see who Newell faces in the opening round of the lightweight tourney. Newell also added afterwards that he doesn’t “want to work a normal job, I want to be a fighter.” It certainly looks like he doesn’t have to worry about taking a desk job anytime soon.

WSOF 5 will go down on September 14th and will feature Andrei Arlovski taking on Mike Kyle in the main event.