Never has their been a champion in MMA that has dominated all top contenders in their weight class with ease like Anderson Silva (11-0 UFC). President Dana White was asked what the future held for Silva and he had this to say on the matter:

“In my opinion, [Anderson’s] got Chael, who’s earned that title shot, and he’s got Vitor Belfort. Once he fights those two guys, he’s cleaned out that division, and I will press very hard for him to move to 205 pounds.”

Silva’s camp had questioned Belfort legitimacy as a top contender in the past, criticizing the fact that Belfort has yet to fight in the UFC  185 pound division.

“Vitor is a worthy opponent that I think people will want to see,” White said. “He’s a former champion at 205 pounds. He’s a legend in the sport. I’ve had my issues with Vitor in the past, too, but to say that Vitor isn’t a top contender at 185 is crazy.I’m just saying, in my opinion, [Anderson’s] got two more fights at 185.”

The big question now is if Silva walks through his next two opponents as he has been doing, and he moves to 205 or heavyweight, what will become of his 185-pound title?

“What he wants to do I think is keep his 185-pound title and fight at 205, which you can’t do,” White said. “You have to vacate that title and move up.”