Wanderlei Silva vs Yoshihiro Akiyama
Wanderlei Silva Fans rejoice! The former Pride Champion will be returning to the octagon sooner than expected against the Judo practitioner Yoshihiro Akiyama.
Silva had this to say on the fight:

“It’s a great match because he’s an incredible fighter. He’s got an Olympic gold medal. He’s had great performances in Dream in Japan, (he’s) very famous there,” Silva commented about Akiyama. “I think it’s a great opportunity, one more really tough opponent, and I’m going to prove in the future it’s possible I can be with the best fighters in 185.”

Akiyama is on a 3 win streak with a split decision victory over Alan Belcher in his last bout on the UFC 100 card.

The rumors are said that the Silva – Akiyama bout would take place June 12th in Vancouver on the UFC 115 card. We will keep you updated as official word comes out.