Cain Velasquez talked with GracieMag recently about his start in the UFC organization. Velasquez explains that his signing was as simple as having UFC president come down to his gym and watch his sparring session. White was instantly impressed and signed the heavyweight without even reviewing any of Velasquez’s fights. I gamble that has shown to pay off.

“I had two fights on my CV and wanted to fight in other shows before going to the UFC to get some experience. But It was really hard to get fights with other organizations, so my manager said: ‘We haven’t fought in a long time, we can’t wait any longer. It’s time to call up the UFC.’ He made the call, made Dana White an offer and we went to Vegas,” Velasquez recalls. “We took two fighters with us and Dana watched me standing with those two fighters and doing Jiu-Jitsu with another two heavyweight athletes. He liked what he saw and told me I was in the UFC.”

Velasquez continued on, talking about his college days, where he fell in love with striking.

“When I was in college, [competing in the Olympics] was one of my objectives. But when I was just doing wrestling I felt there was something missing. So I discovered what was missing was throwing punches,” he says. “I wanted to do boxing and kickboxing, throw strikes. That’s why, instead of setting the goal of going to the Olympics, I chose to set out on a career in MMA.”

During the start of his UFC career till today, Velasquez has received nothing short of praise in his abilities. Velasquez has always been able to put the hype aside and stay humble throughout his career.

“I don’t feel any pressure. I’m just conscious that I have to keep training hard in the gym. I don’t pay attention to what people say,” he says. “I can’t listen to them. What I have to do is be well-trained and ready to beat my opponent.”

Source: GracieMag