If you had not heard, UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre left his battle Sat. night with his title in hand, but at the cost of lost vision in his left eye as he told the crowd in his victory speech. The champ went straight from the venue to the hospital to find the sincerity of the injury.

Luckily it was not permanent damage as many worried he may have a detached retina. Instead they found it was the cause of an open-handed hook by Shields that scratched his eye, causing it to fill with blood and obstructing his vision in the fight. St-Pierre’s trainer Zahabi told MMAWeekly this:

“The doctors were very worried it was a detached retina because they couldn’t see inside his eye. They flashed the light inside his eye and normally they’re supposed to be able to see inside the eye, but the eye was filled with obstructions. The doctor was saying he couldn’t see inside, so he needed to go to a specialist,” said Zahabi.

“Luckily it was just blood in the eye and not the detached retina. This occurred after the swipe to the face.”

“When he threw that open handed hook, that was recorded, I complained to the ref immediately. I saw it, I completely saw it. I complained about it immediately to the referee that it was an open hand swipe to the face.”

“I don’t think it was intentional, but I mean it still happened, and he should get a warning and it should be kept in mind that he’s punching with an open hand. It’s not right, it’s very dangerous.”

“Because it’s his left eye, I wanted him to circle to his right, because he won’t see the shots coming from his left side. So it’s even more crucial to circle away from the power side.

“I knew his depth perception would be compromised, but I didn’t know to what extent. Later, when we did the examination on his eye, his vision was very much obstructed.”

“The doctors are saying he’s going to have a complete recovery. I’m really happy with that. He just can’t do any training for 10 days, he has medication to take, and he has to do this treatment, and then they’re going to reassess him in 10 days, but they say he’s going to make a full recovery.”

Zahabi does not believe it was intentional yet negligent on Shields part to be swinging with open palms as you can see in this video. Despite the lack of a finish, the fact that a one-eyed St-Pierre was still able to defeat Shields sounds quite impressive. ‘Are you not impressed by GSP’s performance?