The show starts off with Rich “Ace” Franklin signing the fight agreement to fight Liddell.
Rich Franklin’s coaching assistants are shown to be Gray Maynard, Forrest Griffin, Tyson Griffin.

All the fighters work together to train Kris McCray. McCray seems to be absorbing much more techniques.

Chucks guys start training for their upcoming teammate fight. Tavares and McGee workout side-by-side for their upcoming bout.

The whole Liddell team works together to use air horns and silly string to wake-up Brad Tavares and Jamie Yager. Tavares is not to happy about this and breaks the community chess set out of anger.

Brad Tavares vs. Court McGee
Court Mcgee wins over Brad Tavares by rear-naked choke (Round Two)

Dana Whte rolls into the training center with a group of  Marines and explains that the UFC is a big supporter  of the United States Marines. The Marines show the cast basic defense tactics, and in return the fighters show the Marines some ground jiu-jitsu.

The Marines are then invinted for dinner and once again the two groups mingle.

Kris McCray explains that he was in the reserves along with family members and he highly respects the Marine Corp.

Again McCray is highlighted learning new techniques from his all star line-up of coaches.

Jamie Yager and Kris McCray decide to pull a prank by hiding all the cast members left shoes. McCray decides to take it further and start tossing things at sun bathing James Hammertree. One thing leads to another and Jamie Yager is challenged to meet outside to fight. Yager is a no show..

Kris McCray vs. Josh Bryant.

Kris McCray wins over Josh Bryant by decision

Kris McCray will fight Court McGee in the TUF finale.

Here is a preview of what to expect.