Early yesterday morning, UFC vet Mike Wessel was placed in a Jonesboro, Arkansas jail, after he was arrested for several things. The arrest was made under suspicion of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and “first-degree terroristic threats” when he along with five other fighters caused an issue at a local bar.

These charges could land Wessel up to six years in jail as well as one year for each other offense (ie. public intoxication and disorderly conduct).

It was reported to MMAJunkie.com by Corporal Wayne McClard of the Jonesbor Police Department, that one officer David Stout was telephoned down to “Creegan’s Irish Pub” at 2 in the morning to investigate a possible domestic disturbance.

After officer Stout arrived, he saw Wessel run at a cr0wd standing in front of the bar, he then proceed to the restrain Wessel and take him to the Craighead County Detention Center.

According to reports, Wessel became extremely upset in the police vehicle and then began to make threats to jailers at the detention center.

“Several jailers and a deputy arrived and placed [Wessel] into the restraint chair,” McClard read from Stout’s police report. “He began making death threats toward me and my family, and said that he was going to kill me and my kids.”

A hearing is set for tomorrow to determine Wessel’s bail amount.