Yes, Dana White is not the owner of the UFC,  but the President. Owner Lorenzo Fertitta said during a recent Q&A in London, England that he would love to see a fight between the middleweight and welterweight champion Anderson Silva, and Georges St. Pierre.

“‘GSP has to get past Koscheck; Anderson Silva has to get past Vitor Belfort. If that happens, there’s a really good likelihood that we could see that fight – probably some time next summer”

If these guys keep winning their fights, I think it will definitely happen. One of the things we wanted to do was allow both of these guys to continue to get through their divisions – meaning there were a lot of contenders that deserved title shots. Because they’re in different weightclasses, we wanted to let that all play out before we put those two guys together.”

“But I mean we’re getting to a point where they’ve pretty much cleaned out the division. Maybe it’s time to watch them and see what happens.”

Source: Cage Potato