Cheick Kongo (17-6-2) continues to cimb the heavyweight ranks with a unanimous decision victory over the formerly undefeated prospect Matt Mitrione (5-1). Here is the play by play.

Round One:
Mitrione comes forward with hands down in southpaw. Both men seem unwilling to come forward. Mitrione finally comes in and gets the clinch and Kongo circles him to the cage. The two are not active in the clinch so ref. Herb Dean resets them in the center. Kongo lands an inside kick. Kongo throws a straight leg that is caught and taken down, but he is able to pop right back up. gives the round to Matt Mitrione 10-9

Round Two:
Mitrione comes out more aggressive landing a right. Kongo starts working the inside leg kicks. Mitrione does the same. More fluid action now as both start throwing winged shots. Kongs comes forward throwing left and right hooks but unable to land. Mitrione comes forward landing his own hook. Matt checks the low leg kick. Kongo comes forward with barrage of jabs that Matt dodges. Big uppercut lands for Mitrione. Kongo lands a stiff jab but Mitrione continues to stalk. Mitrone lands a right hand chasing down Kongo again. gives the round to Matt Mitrione 10-9

Round Three:
Both men start off aggressive. Kongo comes forward missing the jabs but gets the takedown. Mitrione attempts to grab the arm from the bottom of side control. Kongo gets the back and Mitrione slips to standing. Mitrione now clearly bleeding around the left eye. Kongo gets the slow single leg takedown again from the clinch. Kongo in half guard unable to advance. Mitrione attempts to roll out but is stuck down to end the fight. gives the round to Cheick Kongo 10-9

Official: Cheick Kongo defeats Matt Mitrione via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Kongo has now capitalized on what many have called the greatest comeback in UFC history as he weathers the storm against Pat Barry and KO’s the former pro kick boxer.