Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson defeats the division II wrestler Matt Hamill at UFC 130 in Las Vegas, NV by decision. Here is the nights round by round commentary.

Round One:
Hamill comes out with a quick low kick and follows with a head kick attempt. Hamill goes for a far away takedown, and it’s stuffed. Hamill again throws a kick to the mid section missed. Spinning headkick misses to the head. Rampage lands a short uppercut that shakes Hamill. Hamill resets and continues the attempted kicks from the outside. Hamill tries a quick one two jab and Rampage barely misses a big uppercut. Hamill gets stuffed in the long takedown shot. Hamill stuffed for the clinch and gets rocked with some hooks. Rampage finishes the round with a strong leg kick to the cav.

Caged Insider gives round one to Rampage Jackson 10-9

Round Two:
Hamill attempts a head kick and gets caught backing up.  Hamill telegraphs a takedown and its easily stuffed. Hamill attempts a clinch and eats a knee to the gut. Hamill attempts a low single that does not come close. Rampage pushes Hamill off and brings it to the center. Hamill comes forward missing a 1 2 jab. Rampage awaits a counter that does not seem to come, the crowd boos. Rampage gets caught with a stiff jab and its followed by a leg kick. Hamill attempts a single leg and is punished on the way out with body shots. Hamill continues to get punished by failed takedown attempts as the round ends.

Caged Insider gives round two to Rampage Jackson 10-9

Round Three:
Superman attempt by Hamill misses. Hamill moves forward with jabs and misses, follows with a far out takedown attempt that is stuffed with ease. Hamill lands a left right jab to the face. Rampage comes forward connecting to the body with a right hook. Hamill ties up against the fence attempting to change levels but fails. Rampage lands a short elbow followed with a left hook to the face. The two reset in the center and Rampage attempts his hook shots only to be tied up again by Hamill. Rampage gets a knee in and slips away. Rampage comes forward with uppercuts that land loose and the round ends.

Caged Insider gives round three to Rampage Jackson 10-9

The judges give the unanimous decision to Rampage Jackson 30-27, 30-278, 30-27

Jackson with his second victory in a row over a top contender will be looking for a contender or possibly a title shot against Jon Jones in hopes of regaining the belt he once attained.