During the recent UFC 124 press conference call, Georges St-Pierre made it very clear that he would like to use Koscheck to prove that he can indeed finish fights.

“In the first fight with Josh, when I was striking with him it was mostly to set up my takedowns, but this time when I’m going to strike with him, it will be to knock him out. Roger Gracie came in and Roger Gracie is a specialist of finishing his opponents when he takes the guy’s back. I’ve been working a lot on that. If I get an opportunity and I get an opportunity for the finish, I will be able to finish him a lot better this time. I want to finish fights. I’ve been very close in my last fights to finish them two times, but I want to make sure to take the time that if I get an opportunity to finish a fight, this time I’m going to take it. I’m the kind of guy I don’t make the same mistake twice.”

St-Pierre, like many other wrestlers in the sport as of recent has been under scrutiny by the fans, being called a ‘boring fighter’ for the lack of finishes in his fights. St-Pierre would like to change that perception by either submission or knockout against his new nemesis Josh Koscheck.