Oh Twitter, the perfect platform for celeb communication in the public eye. Rampage Jackson brass as always responds to some of Florian’s “MMA Live” analysis on his last fight against Machida.


@kennyflorian dude i dont watch your show but my manager does,and he says u suck yo boy Evens ass and talk shit on me,so i jump off

@pythondjango O my bad,I’m a fighter that don’t train everyday,and don’t live 4 mma,I get it now,now I’m not mad at Ken anymore,I’m done

@Rampage4real I bet Rashad is teaching Kenny the stanky leg for his next fight

@Rampage4real kenny florist is more worried about being on tv then winning fights. Him and rashad play with eachothers nipples all day

@Rampage4real that florian dude got owned by bj penn it broke his soul and decided to run down to 145, fuk him

people love 2 hate on me,fuk @kennyflorian,he’s just salty cus he’s not a fighter anymore,haters make me stronger,#fake people

@kennyflorian Hating on @Rampage4real won’t make you jump higher, run faster, fight better or increase ur income”

Florian finally retorts:

“@martijndej @rampage4real are u guys retarded? Seriously? Did u even see MMA live this week? That’s some ignorant shit… Went from me giving an opinion (my job on ESPN) “thought Machida outpointed Rampage” to me hating on Rampage. Huh? Some geniuses out there.”

Perhaps the two could settle this in the Octagon.. Kidding.