This past Saturday, Toney told that the boxer vs. MMA fighter bout, which is scheduled to co-headline Boston’s UFC 118 event on Aug. 28, will be a catchweight affair. UFC officials later confirmed the plans.

But Couture’s representatives today said that they’ve heard no such thing, and the UFC Hall of Famer is expecting to fight at heavyweight.

Sam Spira, Couture’s lawyer, stressed that the bout is signed as a heavyweight fight.

“The Toney camp couldn’t agree to a catchweight, and there’s been no discussion about it thereafter,” Spira said today. “I suggest James Toney stop playing with dolls and focus on the fight.”

Spira is referring to Toney’s recent antics at UFC 116, where he showed up to a media luncheon with a Couture figurine adorned in a Barbie-like dress.

“They want to make it easy for Randy,” Toney said. “They’re trying to please him. Whatever they want to do, we can do it.”