After an unexpected release by the UFC, despite being a highly toted heavyweight prospect, Todd Duffee finally responds with his understanding of the situation.

MMASUCKA: There were rumors that when you were surprisingly cut from the UFC it was because you pissed someone off within UFC Management, any truth to that?

TODD DUFFEE: No there is no truth to that. Past me giving them phone calls and not getting any in return, I never spoke to any of them or anyone who works for Zuffa at all. To this day I don’t have a clue. I don’t know how to have an argument when you don’t have a conversation with someone. I haven’t talked to Dana since I fought in Portland, so I don’t know why he would think that I had a bad attitude.

MMASUCKA: What reason do you think you were cut? Was it because of the loss?

TODD DUFFEE: Clearly it had to be something personal. It came down to me having a bad attitude, but I don’t know when I did. I thought maybe my manager pissed them off, but that was not the case either. It really actually hurt, the fact that he said that I didn’t want to fight or be a fighter. I have given my life to this sport; I don’t have a social life, or go to the clubs or have nice things. All my money and energy go to the sport. I just don’t know, it’s like a girlfriend that you have been with for two and a half years and everything is perfect, you are just about to ask her to marry you and then all of a sudden she just disappears and doesn’t tell you why.

MMASUCKA: So it was a complete shock to you.

I really didn’t believe it, I thought it had to be a joke and I’ll just get a hold of Dana. It’s ok it is done and over with, but just give me a ten minute conversation to tell me why I was let go. I didn’t even get that from anybody.

Source: MMASucka