“Matt, I’m sorry. Business is business, though…. It sucks, but this is business…. UFC made the decision, I was bummed, I love Matt, I think he’s an awesome athlete and he’s an awesome person. You won’t see any shit talking from me about Matt Hamill because I think he’s an awesome guy, but it’ll make it even a better fight when it comes October 23 when I cave his face in. No bad feelings. No bad emotions. Just punishment.”

Contradicting statements coming out of  The Huntington Beach Bad boy, Tito Ortiz (15-7-1). Not sure what his definition of shit talk is, but I would think that was a shot at me when you say that you will cave my face in.

Either way Ortiz does share a bond with Matt Hamill (9-2-0) as he trained Hamill through season three of The Ultimate Fighter and for some time after before Ortiz left to Affliction promotions.

Now 35 years old and coming off major neck surgery, alongside numerous other reported injuries, is the former champ ready to return to the winner circle or has his time past?