A reinvigorated Tito Ortiz tells the UFC that he plans to walk through Rashad Evans at their upcoming rematch at UFC 133 to settle their 2007 draw.

“I always love paybacks. I’m getting the opportunity to fulfill what I’ve always wanted to do and that was beat him. The first time we fought, I thought I won the match. My plan was to get a takedown and work on my feet. He didn’t feel that strong, he felt weak. He’s gotten a lot better since then; I’ve changed 100-percent since then, physically and mentally. It’s not an easy fight but I’m a UFC fighter. I kick people’s asses for a living. This time I’m going to finish the deal. I’m on the hunt to get my world title back. If I have to walk through Rashad to make it happen, I’m going to.”

Ortiz as always has the confidence, but does he have the tools to dismantle the fellow former champ Evans?