Tito Ortiz returned to his home yesterday after a brief stint of being in the hospital for the flu. Ortiz updated everyone via his Twitter page;

“Nice to be home. They put six bags of fluid in me. I’m better now. I lost 15 pounds. I thought I had swine flu but I didn’t. Just a really bad flu,” Ortiz wrote.

But the big question is, will he still be fighting fellow TUF 11 coach Chuck Liddell? I’ve heard both yes and no. Sources stated that he will either be fighting Liddell as planned or Liddell will go against Rich Franklin at UFC 115 in June.

Another source stated that Dana White and Ortiz have both Tweeted that the Ortiz vs. Liddell fight WILL happen. And also according to White, Rich Franklin will be facing off with Randy Couture, not Chuck.

So, as far as I can tell, the match is still on between Liddell and Ortiz. But, it may have to be delayed until a later date because of Tito’s illness. We’ll keep you guys posted as more news comes in.