Tito Ortiz is a bit touchy on the notion that some fans and fighters believe Bader has an ‘easy’ fight ahead of him at the upcoming UFC 132 card. The former long time champ Ortiz is current on a losing streak, without a win in the octagon since Oct. 2006 against Ken Shamrock.

“I want to get to the top, and it starts with this fight right here. I can’t wait until July 2 when I can go out there and beat a legend.”

“He can go f*** himself if he thinks that’s the way it’s going to be,” Ortiz snapped. “If Bader thinks he’s in for as easy fight, he’s in for a long trip.

“I want that belt again, but I’ve got to do it one match at a time. Physically I feel like I’ve never felt before. I’m fighting for my legacy, I’m fighting for my life, fighting for my family, for my fans.”

Source: ESPN.CO.UK