UFC fighter Tim Hague emailed Mixed Martial Arts [The Underground] earlier today, and spoke about his feelings on being released from the UFC a second time. Hague was released the first time after a close bout at UFC 109 against Chris Tuchscherer by majority decision. He was released this time after losing to Joey Beltran at UFC 113 via unanimous decision. Read the email sent to The Underground below;

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Figured I’d speak my peace to the UG. Love interacting with you guys. I love every fan of MMa even if they think I suck. You guys are the ppl that make our sport grow, and for that I am thankful.

UFC 113

1. Took the fight on short notice, fought extremely outta shape, and nearly won (not an excuse, as a professional, I should be in shape when i fight, merely making a point.)

2. All major websites (or most) had me winning my last 2 fights. Judges said NO!! Now im 10-4 as opposed to 12-2 and woulda been 3-1 UFC!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!

3. Turned 27 may 9th, still have a lot of time to peak physically, hit my prime, and become a force. This is of course my plan. Quitting is for bitches, and I ain’t no bitch.

4. Never show up to a fight outta shape again. Joey fought a great fight. Perfect game plan. I commend him for his win, and wish him a long and prosperous career. That being said, I win that fight easy if I’m in shape.

5. 5 mins ago I got a call from my manager saying I’ve been cut(by ufc) again. Time to get serious. Actions speak louder than words. I am confident i’ll be back. See you when I’m in shape again UG.

Love you all!!!!

Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague