As you may have remembered, we reported recently that Thiago Alves weighed in at 171.5 lbs. for UFC 117, putting him .5 over the 171 lb. welterweight limit.

By missing weight AlvesĀ  was forced to forfeit 20% of his pursue that night. Now with the California State Athletic Comission (CSAC) releasing that information we now know the exact amount Alves forfeited. His contracted salary was $60,000, so take out 10% which is $12,000.

Here is what Alves had to say after his loss to Jon Fitch and comments made by his boss White saying it was unacceptable missing weight at this level of the sport.

Thiago Alves:

“I know I have things to correct. I’m not done yet. I needed to go through those things to reveal myself as a stronger person. I won’t let them bring me down.”

“It was just a half-pound, so I’m sure my body could have flushed it out,” he said. “But I didn’t want to. I just wanted to concentrate on the fight. It was just easier for me to give up the money. Yes, we fight for money, but you also fight to win, and at the time, I was thinking I didn’t want to cut the weight. I was just focused on getting ready to fight. When you’re cutting weight and dehydrated, you don’t always think right. In the future, that won’t happen again. It can’t happen again.”