Stephan Bonner recently presented his case to the Combat Sports Authority of New South Wales, which is the Australian equivalent to the US athletic commission, in hopes that he could overturn his loss against Krzystztof Soszynski. He was hoping to have the loss changed to a draw, but with no such luck.

There was not a lot of info on the ruling. A very brief email was sent to MMA Junkie via Craig Waller of Combat Sports Authority, which stated;

“A review was held and the Combat Sports Authority of NSW did not seek to interfere with the referee’s decision.”

Bonnar felt that the fight should have been stopped in the third round instead of going to the judges scorecards. The judges scoring showed a split decision stating that all three judges voted that Bonnar had won the first round and Soszynski winning the second round. Bonnar claimed this should make the fight a draw.

But it appears that the CSA thinks that Soszynski delivered the damage to Bonnar that ended the fight. So he was rightly the winner. Even though he lost the case, Bonnar seemed happy about what was in store for him;

“It was obviously a battle between me and the CSA, but as far as the fight, Dana White’s a fair guy, and I’m pretty confident we’ll have that rematch soon.”