UFC lightweight fighter Spencer Fisher was arrested this past Tuesday in Bettendorf, Iowa for “interfering with an official act.” He was released on a $300 dollar bail that he posted himself.

Earlier today MMA Junkie spoke with Fisher’s management team, where the fighter’s manager Mickey Dubberly reported that the arrest revolved around a parking violation.

“Spencer went to pick up his daughters from school, and he doubled parked because there were no other parking spaces available,” Mickey Dubberly stated in an email to MMAjunkie.com. “The police asked Spencer to move his car, and Spencer stated he would only be a second. The police asked him again to move his car, and Spencer kept proceeding to pick up his daughters from school.”

My big question is, don’t police have anything better to do? I live by a school and it’s insane for ANYONE to park during the rush-hour of the school day. He needed to pick up his kids, give the poor guy a break!