George Sotiropoulos (14-2) continues his impressive winning with his eighth straight victory with a win over Joe Lauzon (19-6).

First round Lauzon looked to be winning the exchange standing and on the ground. Towards the end of the first round Sotiropoulos looked to start advancing position on the ground with ease as Lauzon looked to had blown his cardio. As the second round started Lauzon looked to be gassed taking big breathes. Sotiropoulos was able to finish off ‘J-Lau’ via kimura,

Sotiropoulos still undefeated in the UFC has been receiving talks of a possible title shot. As Dana White has mentioned in past press conferences that Sotiropoulos may be coming very close to his shot . With Sotiropoulos defeating seven top UFC fighters in a row, its hard to argue that he is not on the cusp of the lightweight division. The only problem with Sotiropoulos is the integration of WEC to the UFC. Winner of Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis in December at WEC 53 is rumored to have the next title shot at the UFC lightweight division.