After a lengthy hearing before the California State Athletic Commission today, Chael Sonnen was able to pull away with what many would consider a victory, as he reduces his one-year sentence down to six months. Sonnen basically stated ignorance of the CSAC steps of approval for medical TRT use in the proceedings, stating that he thought the commission was aware of his need for Testosterone treatment and was never explained the process, even after he announced to Executive Commissioner Dodd.

Now with only three months left to serve. The reduced suspension is now about the length of a long fight camp. Sonnen may be slated for an early 2011 return to the UFC, however is still responsible to pay the maximum fine of $2500.

Also scheduled on the same day was new Strikeforce signee, Josh Barnett who was looking to get his California license re-instated after failing his PED’s test for a Steroid back in 2009. Barnett was denied his license after showing up with no legal council on his side. Here is what Barnett Tweeted following the matter.

“Wow. I show up only to re apply and get ambushed by an assistant AG who has put together a case against me. Sweet.”

After Sonnen’s hearing:
“Wow x2! Just heard that the CSAC allows people on steroids to fight w/ the right scripts, approval, and tests within a range.”