We heard Dana White say Chael Sonnen would in fact be next in line for Anderson Silva, but is Silva next for Sonnen? According to Chael, he would like to take a fight in the interim should Silva stay out of the sport for a long period due to his shoulder injury.

“As it played that through my head, I saw a lot of different outcomes, but not in a million years did I think this would happen,” Sonnen told ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas (2:35 mark).

No shock that Sonnen then went on to sling insults at the ‘Brazilian’ fighter.

“That is not the heritage of a Brazilian fighter or a Brazilian man in general. Brazilians will fight. Brazilians will come forward with courage. If you challenge them, they will step forward. That’s not in his culture or his heritage to just sit there and get clowned in front of the world, but he did it.”

“The fight’s going to happen for sure. I’ll be Anderson’s next fight. I don’t know that he’ll be mine,” said Sonnen.

“I’m not going to sit around and wait for him. […] I don’t just need the title, I need to be the best fighter in the world. If there’s someone who can knock me off and beat me then I don’t deserve to be there. So god bless them and let that guy have his shot,” said Sonnen.

Will Sonnen really risk a title shot to stay active in the Octagon. We’ve seen that the long layoff did not seem to cause ring rust for Sonnen in his recent bout with Brian Stann. Either Sonnen is looking to make-up for lost income in the past year, or perhaps he is really as valiant as he insinuates. Either way at this point they’re only words.

Source: Yahoo Sports