“I think that, that may happen,” said Chael Sonnen when asked about possibly coaching the next season of the reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. “Whether it’s Anderson and I, or GSP and I, I think that will happen eventually.”<

The very charismatic, middleweight contender may like to host the reality show with either of the UFC champions. For a fight with either champion he will need to win his next bout with Silva to create a rubber match. As far as a super fight with St. Pierre, you may need to defend the belt a few times before White would give the go ahead to start attacking another weight class.

“If we do the GSP fight, we’re going to have to do it in Cowboy Stadium, because there are going to be a lot of people to show up,” Sonnen commented.

When asked about his desire to be in the lime-light, Sonnen retorted:

“Yeah, I’m an attention whore,” said Sonnen. “That’s the business that I’m in. I’d love to be on TV once a week.”