MMAXL has just leaked a video showing that Shogun did sparring with Karate Champion João Gilherme Bendly to master the former champion, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida’s unorthodox timing.

In an interview with, Bendly said the following.

I memorized Lyoto from the top to the bottom so that I can impose myself in front of Shogun, because what he needed was the karates timing, the defense techniques of Lyoto. This timing is different and requires years of practice in Karate and thats exactly what he needs. I adapted my game to Lyotos and did what he does in front of Shogun to do this specific training.”

I think that Lyoto wont change much his style because its been working very well for him. You cant change ten years of practice in four months. I guess he will still be defensive since hes really good at it, counter attacking. He may work on this timing and be more prepared just as Shogun. But I think Shogun will win.”

“I think it will be like the last fight, the kicks from Shogun are certain and I think this fight will be aggressive, rather than the previous one.”