Shogun Rua vs Lyoto Machida 2Shogun Rua knows that Lyoto Machida will not make the same mistakes that he exploited in their first bout. Fighters Only Magazine had an exclusive interview with Rua who had this to say on his upcoming rematch with the Light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida: “Another battle and another Lyoto. Everything is new, the focus, the strategy – here we go.  It’s my big dream.  I’ll concentrate and go and fight with even more desire.  I´ll be even hungrier this time – to conquer a UFC belt has always been my dream,” said Rua.

“Lyoto is different to other athletes… We recruited some karatekas from Curitiba, who helped me a lot. I have [Andre] Dida, Marcelinho and Tuba to help me with the tactical stuff. Marcelinho watched Lyoto’s fights like 15 times, we joked that he became Lyoto.” – Shogun Rua.

Shogun Rua vs. Lyoto Machida is schedules to take place May 8th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Bell Centre. Machida won in the first bout unanimous, leaving many fight fans calling false. UFC President Dana White, and matchmaker Joe Silva agree that it was not a unanimous victory and gave Rua the upcoming rematch.