One of the original kings of kicks and stomps of a grounded opponent in the Pride FC era, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua would like to see one of his favorite weapons come back to the Octagon.

“In Brazil MMA is ready for the UFC now,” Shogun told ESPN. “Many people have seen the UFC, many people like MMA. It’s very popular now, and after UFC 134 on August 27 it will change even more because people will see this big show.

“I hope for a change in rules. The stomps… my opinion is elbows are more dangerous than stomps.”

Asked directly if he would like the UFC to make stomps legal, Shogun answered: “Yes!”


Rua may be correct that elbows are more effective, but is there a certain sense of unsportsmanship when kicking or stomping a grounded opponent in the head or have we just became soft?


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Shogun stomp attempt

Source: ESPN