Surprising words come from the former champion Shogun Rua after his decimation by Jon Jones at UFC 128. Rua tells that he believes any top five light heavyweights in the UFC could snatch his title away on any given day including himself.

“Lyoto is in the top five, just as Jon Jones is in the top five. Whenever you pit two top-five athletes against each other, there is no favorite. Anybody can win. The same can be said for any of the guys, like Rashad [Evans], anybody at the top of the rankings can beat each other on any given day. You can’t have a favorite, especially in this weight class. Of course, I am always confident and would always bet on my game (against Jones). I always trust myself.”

With Jones awaiting his next challenger, rumors of a bout with Lyoto Machida or Rampage Jackson have been coming out in the news. If either bout is able to come to fruition we will see if the last man to step in the cage with Jones is correct in his assumptions.